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Zero Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

Many of us have reviewed different filter systems, but we are confident that the zero water filter pitcher is the best one because it gives you the truly pure water you want.

Most surprisingly, we will be able to get pure water, which is healthy for our health, and get other benefits such as weight loss and healthy skin.

The zero water pitcher is good in the sense that it will save your expense of installing a reverse osmosis system in your kitchen.

We all know very well that the Reverse Osmosis system is very costly for the purification of water. According to different experts, zero water filter is different from any other water filter system present in the market.

They differ in the sense that unlike Brita and Pur, the zero water pitcher ionizes the water, and as a result, we will get the pure water that is completely devoid of inorganic matter.

Many heavy metals, including lead and chromium, are present along with other harmful chemicals in inorganic matter.

Zero Water 5 Stage Filtration System 

Normally, there is a two-stage filtration process in other water filter pitchers, but zero water filter is number one in the sense that it comes with a 5-stage filtration process. So zero water filter is different from other brands in terms of its filtration stages.

Stage 1: Coarse filtering screen

In stage one, different sediments and particles are removed, which can be seen with the naked eye.

Stage 2: Foam distributor

In this process, the water distribution becomes even at the beginning of the filter. It is done to get more evenly filtration in the following stages.

Stage 3: Activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy

In the third step of the filtration process, the zero filter removes the taste of chlorine as well as its smell. Along with chlorine, it can also remove the heavy metals and prevent forming at the filter’s surface.

Stage 4: Ion exchange resin

The fourth step of the zero water filtration process is the ion exchange resin in which there is an adsorption of the ions of the contaminants. So, as a result, it allows the moving of clean water molecules through the filter. 

stage 5:Ultrafine screen and non-woven material

Here, the filter can prevent the large particles and filtration media beats, leaving to get the clean water for the water reservoir. The good thing about zero water pitcher is that it claims to be NSF certified and can reduce chromium, chlorine, mercury, and lead from the water. 

Water filter quality (Water FIlter Tester)

The water filter’s quality must be great, and if we talk about zero water filter pitcher, then it is best in the sense that its equipment has great worth.

The manufacturers use high-quality components in their manufacturing to get the required pure water you want.

Moreover, the water you get from zero water pitcher is 100% pure as it is devoid of any type of chemicals such as chlorine, cadmium, zinc, etc. It also does not have any bacteria or pesticides.

The good thing about this zero water is that along with removing the contaminants and pesticides, it has a great ability to retain the minerals present in water, which is essential for our health. 

Eliminates TDS in Water

TDS stands for total dissolved solids present in the tap water. So TDS is actually the measuring indicator which enquires about how contended it is your water.

But overall, we should not depend on TDS only to determine whether a filter is good or bad because many essential minerals present in the water also contribute to the TDS measurement.

The zero water filtration system is a good one because it can remove all the source water contaminants.

So, in the end, you’ll get the TDS value, which is 0%. This is the most impressive feature in terms of quality as well as competing with reverse osmosis filters. 

Pros and Cons of zero water filter

  • It can reduce the dissolved solid to zero.
  • It has NSF certification standard 52 and 43.
  • It has the capability of reducing mercury, chlorine, lead, as well as many organic contaminants.
  • The water we get through the Zero water pitcher is good in terms of purity as compared to Brita and Pur.
  • It comes with an expensive running cost.
  • Many customers said that it has a short filter lifespan.
  • It is not suitable for highly contaminated water.
  • Unfortunately, it comes with 90 days warranty.

Maintenance and Replacement of zero water filter

The maintenance and replacement of the filter are a necessity in case of using any water filter systems.

In the case of zero water filter pitcher, a cartridge can last up to 40 gallons, but it is not the exact reading.

The reason is that it depends on the quality of the water you are using, and this number will decline when the water is more contaminated.

So it is not a costly process because, on average, if you use 30 gallons of water, then it requires only 12 cartridges per year. 

Zero vs. Brita water filter

With the help of the zero water filter, you will be able to get rid of more dissolved solids as compared to Brita.

When you do not have more dissolved solids in your water than it attributes to a slightly acidic taste in the water.

The taste of the water you get from zero water is crisp as well as fresh due to the complete removal of all the chemicals and contaminants.

Although Brita is also a good water filter pitcher, it will not be able to remove many of the contaminants.

Brita’s main feature is that it reduces huge amounts of chlorine, and as a result, the taste of the water becomes flat. 

ZeroWater ZP-010, 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter

Zerowater ZP-010 is a 10 cup water filter pitcher that gives you high-quality water.

Most surprisingly, it is the best one because it works harder to get rid of the most dissolved solids from your drinking water.

Now, you will be able to get clear and pure water not for you but also for your family.

Your furry friend’s health is also very important, so you must also give them pure, clean water you get from zero water pitcher.

As it comes with the five-stage filtration system, it has the ability to give you the purest tasting water you want. 

Filteration Method:

The filtration method of zero water filter pitcher is different than the other water filtration system because it comes up with 5 stage water filtration process.

Through this 5 stage filtration, you will be able to get better tasting and pure water.

The manufacturers have made it in a way that it does not use the carbon filtration process but only used ion exchange technology to reduce the contaminants.

Water Capacity:

This water pitcher has 10 cup water capacity as well as it is BPA free. Moreover, it is also equipped with a free water quality meter with the help of which you can test your water. It will help you in checking the quality of the water you get after the filtration process. 

Design of zero water filter:

Zero water 10 cup water filter pitcher has a very stylish design as it has a beautiful blue and white color.

Although its material is plastic, it is still the best one in removing the contaminants and pesticides from your water.

The water pitcher style makes it more unique in the field of all the filter pitchers present in the market. 

Lead Removal:

It is also an incredible water filter pitcher that can reduce the lead and other heavy metals present in the water. As this pitcher claims to remove 99.6% of dissolved solids, it will ultimately be best in lead removal.

Product Certification:

If we talk about the product certification of zero water filter pitcher, it has the only port through filters, NSF certified.

The manufacturers of this filtration process claim that the pitcher is able to remove the chromium and lead. So this pitcher also has the ability to remove virtually all types of solids for the pure-tasting water. 


What contaminant does it remove?

You can remove any type of contaminant with the help of a zero water filter pitcher.

These contaminants may be harmful chemicals such as

  • barium,
  • antimony,
  • arsenic,
  • beryllium,
  • cadmium,
  • chromium,
  • copper,
  • cobalt,
  • iron,
  • lead,
  • mercury,
  • silver,
  • selenium,
  • uranium,
  • zinc, etc.

Along with these elements, it also can remove pesticides and bacteria. 

What is TDS?

TDS mean Total Dissolved Solids present in the tap water.

These dissolved solids may be salt metals, minerals, including certain harmful chemicals, lead, chloride, as well as other elements, which can pollute your drinking water.

Thanks to the zero water technology, it can remove 99% of TDS through its water filtration process. 

Which is better, Brita, or zero water?

Both the Brita and zero water filters are the best ones in purifying your water through their amazing filtration processes.

However, from my perspective, a zero water filtration system is the best one among all the other water filtration pitchers present in the market.

Now, we are talking about Brita and zero water; both are good ones and effective water filters.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheaper and faster water filter system, then you must go with Brita.

For the more, if you are more concerned about the contaminant removal, then don’t wait for purchasing the zero water filter pitcher as your health is much more important than any other thing. 

Both the filters have the ability to remove the most solid contaminants, as well as they are easy to maintain and safe to use. Both have an attractive price as well as do not contain BPA. 

How long do ZeroWater filters last?

Zero water filters usually last for 3 to 5 months, where these pitchers’ price is not very high. 

Is zero water healthy?

The water we get from zero water filter pitcher is obviously healthy because it is free of all types of harmful chemicals as well as contaminants.

Moreover, it comes with great benefits such as weight loss, more energy, and healthy skin. It is a great filtration system and is a clear sign to get the drinking water.

Consequently, it comes with a 5 stage filtration process; however, many filtration systems come with two stages of filtration. Moreover, it is also TDS free and is an excellent way to clean the tap water. 

Why does my zero water filter smell like fish?

Usually, we feel the fish-like smell in our water filter systems, and the same is the case with zero water filter.

However, the most common cause of having this smell is the anion resins. These resins are responsible for releasing the trimethylamine.

This is the main reason we smell the nasty rotten fish smell. Now the question arises, from where this trimethylamine comes from?

Actually, it depends on the release of some minerals for changing in PH levels present in the water source.

At this time, you have to check the filter, especially the plastic parts. You must watch the plastic parts of the pitcher thoroughly by using an ammonia lemon solution.

It is better to soak them for some time or overnight. After that, arrange these parts and replace the filter too. 

Does ZeroWater remove bacteria?

Not only the harmful chemicals and contaminants, but zero water filter pitcher also has the ability to remove the bacteria.

So it is a great water pitcher that can remove the herbicides, pesticides, contaminants, chlorine, chloramine, mercury, as well as bacteria from growing. 

Does zero water need to be refrigerated?

Yes, we should refrigerate zero water as there is a chance that if you do not put in the refrigerator, then it will catch bacteria.

Also, the bacteria start growing in it, along with other microorganisms.

However, due to certain reasons, if you cannot place the water in the refrigerator, then you should keep it in the dark, cool area that is away from the sunlight also. 

Does Zero Water remove chlorine?

As it is NSF certified, it can remove the chlorine to a greater extent. So zero water filter is a great choice in removing chlorine from your tap water. 

Why does my zero water filter taste like lemon?

Sometimes, the water you get from the filter tastes like lemon, and it is due to the presence of high TDS levels in the water.

Using a water softener in the filter can also cause the lemon taste in the water. There may be a chance when your filter is full; then, it will leave a bad citrus taste. 

Does ZeroWater remove lead?

As zero water pitcher is NSF certified, it has the ability to reduce the lead along with other contaminants as we all know that the zero water is the only device that uses gravity technology to reduce the cadmium as well as the lead.

I also like this zero water filter because not only the contaminants and harmful chemicals; it also has been tested to reduce the pharmaceuticals from your tap water. 

Final Verdict about zero water filter

In the market, many types of water filtration pitchers are available from which you can choose according to your choice.

But from my point of view, zero water filter pitcher is the best one as it is the unique one of having the five-stage filtration process.

Most surprisingly, it is in the top position because it has the capability of getting rid of even the minutest components present in the drinking water. 

The pitchers used for the filtration process are very stylish, and also according to modern technology.

Moreover, the zero water filter pitcher is affordable as well as easy to use. It is very good at getting rid of chlorine and lead, which are very difficult to remove from the tap water.

Zero water is also attractive among the users because you will get the free TDS meter.

Moreover, it is also famous for its high-level rank of filtering the great number of impurities. Last but not least, it is the best pitcher who gives you the fresh and crisp taste of pure water. 

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