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Pur Water Filter Reviews | Detailed Guide

In Pur water filtration systems, water filtration pitchers are designed to remove all the contaminants from your drinking water.

The good thing about this the Pur water filter system is that it will give you a Pure and a good taste of water.

It is an economical way to get filtered water because it saves money from bottled water. Here in the Pur water filter review, we will look at how this system works where you receive Pure drinking water.

Pur faucet filtration system review

Pur water filtration system is a multi-stage filtration system that uses its own Maxion Technology to build the filtration cartridge.

Its filtration cartridge consists of two stages for the basic filter and three stages for the clear mineral filter. In this Pur advanced Faucet water filter, there are the following stages.

  • Sediment trap filtration:

In this filtration, large particles are removed, such as dust and dirt.

  • Activated carbon media:

Other particles are removed to 99%, such as chlorine, cysts, mercury, and lead.

  • Post filter:

This is the third stage in which natural minerals are filtered so that the water becomes crisp and ready to consume.

Actually, in the Pur water filter system, the famous Maxion Technology, all types of contaminants present in the water are trapped because it is used to treat the carbon grains. Thus it creates a huge surface area for the carbon to trap the contaminants.

Pur FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Water Filter Review

It is a very reliable filtering system where you do not have to install anything under the sink or near your water source. You have to install the filter directly on your sink.

It can remove 99% of lead, chlorine, and other 70 contaminants.

  • Moreover, it is also equipped with an activated carbon layer that is eco-friendly and does a great job, especially on filtering sediments.
  • Moreover, it can remove the live organisms such as viruses and bacteria more efficiently than any other water filtration system. 
  • In this filtering process, another layer is present, which is called the Ion-exchange layer.
  • This Ion exchange is very good at balancing your water’s pH while leaving the proper ions behind.

Consequently, you are retaining all the minerals essential for your body through this Pur water filter system.

  • Pur advanced faucet filtration system:

Pur advanced faucet filtration system will give you healthy, clean, as well as great tasting water right from your faucet.

You can also monitor it visibly, which indicates the filter status and guaranteeing safer and healthier filtered water.

  • Pur water filter faucet:

Many people desire to get a healthy, clean, and crisp taste of water, but unfortunately, in many filtration systems, you get the clean water, but the water’s taste is not up to the mark.

  • If we talk about our water filters, they are the best ones to give you the great-tasting water straight from your faucet.
  • It is safer to use where you get the healthy filtered water, as you can achieve without any tool installation.
  • Moreover, the system has two years warranty. 
  • Most surprisingly, this filter system gives you a hundred gallons of clear and tasty water.
  • This is due to the maximum filter technology and is a unique approach for blending carbon and Ion exchange materials for maximum contaminated removal.

Ensure that if you need an adaptor, you must choose that one that fits your faucet. This is because, in this system, you need three backup adaptors provided to fit most faucets.

Pur water filter pitcher

The Pur water filter system consists of a filter pitcher with the help of getting the cleanest drinking water at home.

Pur water filter pitchers are available in two types. One is a Pur pitcher replacement filter with the lead reduction, and the other is a basic Pur pitcher filter.

If you want to Purchase the water filter pitcher for cleaning lots of water, then you can go for Pur ultimate water dispenser.

According to Pur water filter reviews, this system is considered to be the best one in removing the contaminants from the water and getting the crispier water.

Pur vs. Brita water filter

According to different experts, Pur water filters can remove more contaminants as compared to the Brita filter.

However, according to different experiments and tests, Brita performed notably better.

It does not mean that Pur water filters are not a good choice. It can also remove a wide range of contaminants.

Both the brighter and Pur water filter system is available in a variety of feature sizes and types.

Consequently, if you want to remove more contaminants, including lead and chlorine, you must go for a Pur water filter system for any heavy metal.

Pur water filters are also more economical than the brighter.

Pur FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Water Filter, Chrome

  • Design of Pur FM-3700

Pur FM-3700 Advanced is a grade filtration system that can remove the water’s contaminants very efficiently.

There is one strainer which removes more than 90% of lead and other contaminants.

It also has an electronic indicator light, which tells that when you have to wear out the strainer.

  • Product Colors

It is an advanced faucet water filter available in 3 colors:

  1. chrome,
  2. gray,
  3. stainless steel.

  • Contaminants Filtration:

The good thing about this water filter system is that it has the ability to remove more than 70 contaminants in which lead, mercury, and other harmful pesticides are present.

It is the best system that can remove many more contaminants than any other brand.

  • Filling Tank Capacity:

The activated carbon filter capacity of Pur FM-3700 advanced faucet water filter is 100 gallons. So it can filter the water for three months at least.

After that, you have to go for a water filter replacement. You can attach this advanced faucet filter system directly to your kitchen.

However, it needs an adaptor in certain cases and requires no maintenance, aside from regular filter changes.

  • Taste Test of Pur FM-3700

You can now have a refreshing taste of water, as it can filter the water over natural minerals. So the water which comes out is crispier and has a refreshing taste.

Hence, you will get the filtered water from your faucet with this system, as it is easy to attach.

It includes a clear mineral filter that filters the water over natural minerals to have a crisp, refreshing taste.

  • Price of Pur FM-3700

Pur FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Prices near to 34.77 dollars.

So we can say that it is an economical choice when you are thinking of getting a water filter system at reasonable prices.

You can save more than 1000 dollars annually through this advanced faucet system while still getting safe and great tasting filtered water.

  • Filter Speed:

As we all know that contaminants enter the Water system daily, so its filtration is important. The reason is that it has innovative technologies for superior water filtration for over 30 years.

The filtering speed of this water filter system is 1.5 Cup per minute. The faucet-mounted water filter system is easy to attach as well as does not require any tools. 

FAQs related to Pur Water Filter

  • How to unclog Pur water filter?

If you see that your water filter is clogged, remove the filter and place it in a glass of clean water for a whole day.

Then take it out of the water and let it dry without touching it. After a day, when you see settled dirty particles, then it means that it is the test that clouds your filter. So you must change your filter regularly to prevent the unclogging.

  • How to reset Pur filter?

First of all, when the red light flashes, then remove the filter and replace it with the new one.

Then press the restart button, hold it for 5 seconds. At that time, the green light turns on, and now you have reset your Pur filter.

  • Is Brita better than Pur?

Both are the water filtration systems, and their main purpose is to remove the contaminants, but in the case of Pur Filter, it removes more contaminants than the Brita filter.

Both the Pur and brighter filtration systems are available in different features, sizes, and types.

However, it depends on your need which type of contaminant we want to remove. If you have more contaminants in your water, then Pur water filter pitchers are a good choice. But many consumers prefer Brita.

  • How long does a Pur water filter last?

The Pur water filter system is designed to filter almost 100 gallons of water. In other words, we can say that it can last for about three months.

Here, you can also enquire about how much water you draw since you started through the red light indication. 

  • Which is better, zero water or Pur?

According to the EPA list, a zero water filter system can reduce or remove 23 contaminants, but Pur water filters reduce or remove 12 contaminants.

So the zero water system is considered better than the Pur water filter system. But overall, both are good systems and remove most of the contaminants present in the water, especially the heavy metals.

  • What do Pur filters remove?

You can remove 99.95% of microbial cysts, such as cryptosporidium, through Pur filters. So it is considered an excellent system to prevent us from diseases caused by these bacteria such as intestinal illness.

It also removes 97% of the chlorine taste and odor which people do not like. So you get the crisp and fresh taste of water. 

  • Which Pur water filter is the best?

Pur FM-3700B Faucet Water Filter is considered the best Pur water filter with a vertical design and slightly lower price. Moreover, it is also famous for removing lead. 

  • Does Pur water filter remove pharmaceuticals?

 With the help of Pur faucet filtration systems, you can remove certain pharmaceuticals by 94%.


Now, you can enjoy clean, delicious, and refreshing water with this high-quality Pur water filter.

This filter can remove over 70 contaminants and 99% of lead, including mercury and some pesticides. It also lessens the taste and smell of chlorine to give you tasty and healthy water.

This water filter includes a monitor that shows the filter’s status, so you always know when you need to change it. In this article, I also discussed 1 product of Pur water filtration systems.

It is a fabulous system, so you can go for it if you are interested in purchasing it. It is a great system which is easy to install and does not require any tools.

This compact water filter features a sleek chrome finish that will look great in any kitchen.

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