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Mavea Water Pitcher Filtration Reviews – Complete Guide

Water is essential for our life and need of the day, and without water, we cannot survive. So the drinking water must be free of contaminants and contain all the essential elements that are beneficial for our health.

So the water we drink must be fresh. However, from my point of view, drinking tap water will seriously cause damage to our health. 

The tap water also contains harmful chemicals such as pesticides, fluorine, chlorine, and drugs that are harmful to the human body.

So it is the need of the day to find a convenient and economical way to filter the water even at your home.

Planting a filtration system in the home is a costly choice, so we have selected a mavea water pitcher filtration system, which is an economical way to filter the water. 

Healthy drinking water in a few minutes

Now you can get healthy drinking water in just a few minutes with the help of a mavea water filter pitcher. 

As we all know, pure water is essential for health, and having the mavea water pitcher is the first step towards the maintenance of your health and its improvement. Now you will be able to maintain your health at an affordable rate. 

Design of Mavea Water Pitcher

The design of the mavea water filter pitcher is very attractive and stylish. So this unique design is very helpful in recycling the materials and getting pure water and healthy life.

As it comes with an intelligent and distinctive style, it will make a good addition to your dining table or office table. 

Mavea water filter pitcher review

When we drink pure, clean water, then it is not just a matter of the day; we want clean drinking water for all our life. This thing is very important, and the mavea water pitcher is there to solve our problems.

But keep this thing in mind that water flowing out of our faucets may contain chemicals and contaminants.

Having a water filter pitchers is just a blessing for us when we are getting the pure, clean water through filtration even by sitting in our home.

It is a great procedure and an easy one when you can have clean, pure water in just a few minutes. Not only for yourself, but you are also providing your family with high-quality drinking water at any time. 

Key Features of Mavea Water Filter Pitcher

Key features of the mavea water filter pitcher are as follows:

  • It is a 100% recyclable filter.
  • It also has advanced molded rubber feet to keep away from surface scratches or slippage.
  • Moreover, it is also equipped with a digital indicator that shows you the filter lifespan’s real-time.
  • Also, It has an automatic pour-through lid from the cover. 

Pros and Cons Mavea water filter pitcher

  • Mavea, a water filter pitcher, is affordable.
  • It comes with a pour-through lid and a digital indicator.
  • Fortunately, it is also certified raised NSF standard 52 and 43.
  • Mavea water filters are not good for a highly contaminated water source.
  • It has reduced limited contaminants.
  • It is a short life filter.
  • Moreover, it has an expensive replacement cost.


Brita vs. Mavea Water Filter

In this article, we are studying mavea water pitcher filtration review, so we also compare Brita and mavea.

  1. If we talk about mavea filter pitchers, then it is a little pricier than the Brita. However, the high price is due to the quality it has.
  2. It comes with a better style as well as the materials are BPA free. In Brita, the materials are not BPA free.
  3. The water we get from mavea is free of charcoal. The equipment is well designed from the rubber footing to keep from scratching your countertop.
  4. Moreover, it also comes with an electronic indicator on the top, which shows that you have to change the filter now.

If you have any problem in your water like contaminants or heavy metals, then ultimately, you must go for mavea. 

Maintenance and Replacement:

When we purchase any filtration process, then we also take care of its maintenance and replacement. In the case of a mavea water filter system, maintaining your pitcher is essential to extend its lifespan. Now comes the replacement of the filtration pitcher.

There is an indication on your pitcher that it is time to replace the replacement filter as mavea cartridges can only last up to 40 gallons of water.

However, it also depends on the condition of the water source.

Normally, you have to replace the filter after every month or one and a half months as it is necessary to get clean water.

Do not worry about its maintenance as its maintenance cost is just $80 probably. 

Mavea Water Filter Pitcher Review

mavea 10-Cup water filter pitcher is a fantastic filtration system with the help of which you get the high quality and pure water.

You will be happy with the volume of water it will hold. However, it is difficult to open the top at the start, but when you are used to it, you will be comfortable.

Most surprisingly, it will give you great water even when the water has high chlorine. 

Features of Mavea Water Filter Pitcher:

  • Mavea, a water filter system, has the capability of cleaning 1280 cups of water. The water can be filtered within the two included Kirkland signature water filter cartridges.
  • It is famous for giving you great tasting water.
  • Surprisingly, it can easily reduce the chlorine, mercury, chloramine, cadmium, zinc, copper, benzene, and different hormones and antibiotics in the water.
  • Moreover, it also comes with an Electronic filter change indicator.
  • Mavea water filter pitchers are designed in Germany as well as tested and certified against ANSI and NSF.

Design of Mavea Water Filter Pitcher:

Along with its safe use, the filtration system is very stylish and appealing to our eyes.

Surprisingly, it comes with a crystalline surface, which gives it more style. So when you put it in your kitchen or room, it will ultimately enhance the look.

Filtering Capabilities of Mavea Water Filter:

Although it is famous for having great filtration properties, it is still unsuitable for heavily contaminated water.

So it covers the low contaminants, and it can also prove which type of contaminants it can reduce. 

Automatic pour-through lid Capability:

Mavea water filter pitcher is equipped with an automatic pour through lid feature, so with this feature, you can conveniently pour the water.

Consequently, we can say that a pour-through lid is convenient to use when refilling the reservoir.

ELECTRONIC filter change indicator:

Mavea water pitcher has an electronic filter change indicator with the help of cleaning up to 1280 cups of water.

Variants of Mavea Water Filter:

Two variants are present of this water filter pitcher. This feature has two models. 

  • Mavea XL comes in 6 vibrant colors and can hold up to 9 cups of water. 
  • Mavea Kompakt has the capability of holding up to 5 cups of water.
  • Keep in mind that it is a smaller version and is available in only white and black colors.
  • This water filter pitcher is designed to fit into your refrigerators. 

Warranty of Mavea Water Filter

Most people give importance to the warranty before purchasing anything, so if we talk about the Mavea pitcher filter, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

It is the surety that you get a high-quality pitcher. It is a good thing that it comes with a 1-year warranty because many products have 30 or 90 days of warranty. 

Recyclable filter:

Most amazingly, the Bhavya water pitcher has a recyclable filter, so you can use the filter, again and again, to clean the water in a few minutes.

FAQs for Mavea Water Pitcher Filtration

Is Mavea better than Brita?

All the Mavea water filter pitchers have more price than the Brita, but it shows its high quality.

It is a very stylish pitcher and can help you eliminate many of the contaminants present in the water, such as pesticides.

You must go for the Mavea pitcher filter system as it is a great product where you can get the filtered water in very little time. 

How long do Mavea filters last?

Mavea usually lasts for eight weeks, but it also depends on the water quality you have to clean. If the quality of water is not so bad, it will also increase your cartridge’s life.

If you want to get the Mavea filter working well, then you must change the cartridge frequently. So you have to change it after eight weeks or after 40 gallons of water. 

How much water does the mavea pitcher hold?

Mavea filter pitcher has the capability of holding 9 cups of water. However, this type of feature is available in two models in which one model can hold up to 9 cups of water, whereas other models can hold up to 5 cups of water.

So two sizes are available where the small size is a compact and specially designed for putting into your refrigerator. 

Is Mavea out of business?

If we talk about Mavea out of business, then definitely Mavea is not out of business. The companies are continuously producing replacement filters for different water pitcher systems.

Some replacement filters are available in one pack, and some available in three packs from which you can take advantage.

How to use the Mavea water pitcher?

Take the pitcher and put the filter in it. After that, give the shake as you can see the bubbles come out of.

Then put the central part in the pitcher and, in the central part, put the filter. Here the filter is locked.

Then close the pitcher by putting the lid on it. There is an indicator that you have to press for 5 seconds on the top of the pitcher.

From the central point put the tap water in it, then it is automatically filtered. You can use it for drinking now. 


Mavea water filtration pitcher is great equipment present in your home.

The good thing about these pitchers is that they are available in different colors and are very helpful in eliminating the harmful substances and bacteria and pesticides.

It is very easy to use; however, the only downside to the product is that it is expensive.

In the mavea filter review, you will get all the details about the mavea water pitcher.

Moreover, it is also famous for giving you good clean water, which is the ultimate waste of everyone when using any pitchers for filtration.

Consequently, it has a modern design that will improve the look of your kitchen and serves as a piece of cake for you. 

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